49ers will travel fifth-most miles among NFL teams during 2024 season – NBC Sports Bay Area and California

The 49ers’ journey back to the Super Bowl next season will be a long one. Literally and figuratively.

While we wait for the official release of the 2024 NFL season schedule on Wednesday, San Francisco’s opponents next season and where they will play each game have been known for months.

And according to, which calculated the total distances traveled by all 32 NFL teams next season, the 49ers will rack up quite a few frequent flyer miles.

These are the five teams that will travel the greatest collective distance next season.

Team Total kilometers Avg. Miles / RT Time zones
LA Chargers 26803 2978.11 36
Miami Dolphins 25869 2874.33 16
Seattle Seahawks 25797 3227.62 28
New England Patriots 25071 2785.66 26
San Francisco 49ers 24575 3071.87 28
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These are the five teams that will travel the fewest kilometers next season.

Team Total kilometers Avg. Miles/RT Time zones
Atlanta Falcons 12416 1552.00 14
Pittsburgh SteelersS 12047 1338.55 10
Indianapolis foals 11497 1277.44 12
Cincinnati Bengals 10611 1179.00 12
Washington commanders 10550 1318.75 18
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The Chargers, who will travel the most miles (26,803) next season, will amazingly travel more than 10,000 more miles than the Commanders, who will travel the least (10,550).

While the 49ers are no strangers to traveling far and wide for their games each season, and often take measures to combat their travel burdens, such as staying at The Greenbrier hotel in West Virginia for back-to-back East Coast games, teams like the Commanders, Bengals, Colts, Steelers and Falcons have at least a slight advantage over the well-traveled clubs.

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