Montana will receive $38 million in federal housing aid

Montana will receive $38.7 million in public housing assistance under an extension of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

With the money, public housing authorities help families and people looking for affordable housing. The money is part of the $30 billion announced Tuesday. States in the Rocky Mountain region will receive approximately $707 million, with North Dakota receiving $41 million, South Dakota $35.7 million and Wyoming $17.1 million.

“These Housing Choice Vouchers will provide more families with the necessary assistance they need to continue accessing safe, affordable housing options and increase our nation’s housing supply,” HUD Acting Secretary Adrianne Todman said in an emailed news release. “Currently, this country is facing a housing shortage as we are 2 million homes short of the number needed and as HUD’s largest investment in affordable housing, public housing authorities will have the opportunity to provide more housing options to their constituents and continue the fight this country’s affordability crisis.”

The agency receiving the most money in Montana is the state’s Department of Commerce, with $19.9 million. Next is Missoula Housing Authority at $8.4 million, followed by the Housing Authority of Billings at $4.5 million, Butte Housing Authority at $2.7 million, Helena Housing Authority at $1.9 million, Great Falls Housing Authority at $819,513, Richland County Housing Authority at $182,451, City of Ronan Housing Authority at $173,108 and Whitefish Housing Authority at $10,997.