Ed Harris to Direct Nick Nolte, Bill Murray and More in Thriller ‘The Ploughmen’

ABC Audio has confirmed the Oscar-nominated actor Ed Harris will direct The ploughmena neo-crime thriller starring Nick Nolte, Bill Murray And Owen Teague.

Harris’ real wife and Gone baby gone Co-star Amy Madigan also plays a leading role in the adaptation of Kim Zupan‘s critically acclaimed novel of the same name opening in Montana this fall. The film also stars the famous couple’s only daughter, Lily Harris.

According to BCDF Pictures, the film is in the vein of critically acclaimed films Come hell or high water And Wind River. “In the wilds of Montana… a strange friendship develops between a troubled young deputy and a notorious old killer,” the producers tease.

Nolte’s John Gload “is a killer so skilled at his job that he has only now been apprehended.” Teague plays Val Millimaki, described as the “low man in the Copper County Sheriff’s Department.”

The producers continue, “As Val continues his hapless search for dead bodies, Sheriff (Murray) puts him on night duty to try to get Gload to reveal his past. Val discovers many similarities with his prisoner and dangerously seeks his counsel.’

The ploughmen will be the third film to feature the Apollo 13 star directs, after his western Appaloosa and Oscar-nominated Pollock. “I’ve been trying to get this movie made for a while,” Harris says of the project. “It’s worth the wait to tell this intriguing story with an amazing cast and crew and the beauty of Montana.”

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