Goodwill is introducing free electronic waste recycling at 42 state locations


A new Goodwill Keystone Area partnership will provide free e-waste recycling to residents of 22 central and southeastern counties, including Lebanon.

The organization has partnered with Reworld, based in Morristown, New Jersey, to offer residents the opportunity to donate their old technology at 42 Goodwill Stores in several counties. This includes Goodwill locations in Lebanon City and Palmyra.

“Working with Reworld, we are turning the switch on electronic waste recycling,” said Goodwill Keystone Area President and CEO Ed Lada Jr. in a press release. “This free program allows residents across Goodwill’s 22 counties to responsibly donate a wide variety of old electronics at one of our drop-off locations seven days a week.”

The new initiative will allow stores to accept a wide range of electronic items, including televisions, computers, mobile devices, gaming systems, phones and toasters.

If the electronics delivered to the stores are end of life or broken and cannot be resold, they will be recycled by Reworld. Reworld has recycled more than 135 million kilos of waste

Goodwill organizers have said some items cannot be picked up at their stores, including lamps, smoke detectors, appliances containing mercury, appliances containing Freon and washing machines.

More information about what Goodwill can and cannot accept through the electronics recycling program can be found at

Goodwill aims to collect half a million pounds of electronic waste within its first year. Officials said the program will not only facilitate access to e-waste recycling for residents, but also encourage them to donate other gently used items such as clothes, books and household items.

The partnership was made possible through the efforts of the Pennsylvania Recycling Center, which coordinated the introduction of e-waste suppliers to the Goodwill company, according to officials.

In 2023, Pennsylvania had only nine electronic waste recycling locations that would accept any electronic device for recycling free of charge, said Robert Bylone, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center. The new Goodwill program is expected to serve 45% of the state’s population. .

The Lebanon Goodwill Store & Donation Center is located at 798 S. 12th Street. The Palmyra Goodwill Store & Donation Center and 901 East Main Street.

Matthew Toth is a reporter for the Lebanon Daily News. Reach him at [email protected] or at X at @DAMattToth.