UWM addresses student demands in support of Palestine


WASHINGTON May 14, 2024 (Saba) – Students at UM University in Wisconsin end sit-ins as the UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison administrations agree to halt investments in support of the Zionist occupation.

According to the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa), after more than two weeks of protests in support of Palestinians and condemning aggression against Gaza, students began dismantling tents. This action followed an agreement with the university administration, which called for a ceasefire and recognized the conflict in Gaza as ‘genocide’. Negotiations will also begin with students to discuss divesting investments despite a state law banning withdrawal from Israel.

Former Governor Scott Walker passed a law banning severing ties with private companies and organizations doing business in Israel. This law, drafted under the previous government, limits divestment actions. However, the students stated that they would keep up the pressure and maintain their demands until full disclosure and withdrawal of investments were achieved.

Protesting students at a number of American universities were able to make deals with their administrations to withdraw their investments from Israel-related companies, such as: Northwestern University in Illinois, Brown University in Rhode Island, Rutgers University in New Jersey and the University of New Jersey. California Riverside (UCR). “.

This comes in light of the expansion of student movements rejecting the Zionist war against Gaza in many European and American universities.

On April 18, students and academics who rejected the aggression against Gaza began a sit-in on the campus of Columbia University in New York, demanding that the government end its academic cooperation with Zionist universities and its investments in companies that support the occupation , would withdraw.

source: Saba