Nevada DMV Rejects Hundreds of Vanity Signs: From Vegas Golden Knights References to Anti-California Slogans

Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) plays gatekeeper for the state’s personalized license plates, rejecting hundreds every year that don’t meet their standards.

Golden Knights fans are left out

With the NHL season coming to a close, some fans may have been hoping to commemorate the Vegas Golden Knights’ journey with a personalized sign. However, their enthusiasm for William Karlsson’s infamous Stanley Cup Parade speech was not shared by the DMV. Vanity records such as “DFKNG1” and “DFKN1” were considered too profane.

Spreading hate or celebrating shit? Not allowed

Discriminatory messages and vulgarity were the main reasons for rejections. Records like “NOCALI” expressing contempt for Californians and “5FNKIDS” containing profanity were removed. Even seemingly innocuous references to bodily functions like “1F4RT3D” (I farted) and “TURD” failed the DMV’s test.

Politics and sex are also off limits

Political jokes (“DEMSSUK”, “FJBIDEN”) and sexually suggestive signs (“BOOTEA”, “TINYPPE”) suffered a similar fate.

Ambiguous denials

Some rejections were less obvious. “DUUBB” referring to marijuana and “OGVEGAS” possibly referring to gang ties were denied, as was “PD NPD” which could be seen as an impersonation of law enforcement.

Walking the approval tightrope

A few signs raised eyebrows, but ultimately squeaked by. “SBOWL” (possibly referring to smoking marijuana), “GL9CK” (referring to a pistol model) and “ITTICKS” (which could be interpreted as a bomb threat) were ultimately approved.

Final Word: Check before you apply

If you are considering a personalized plate in Nevada, it is wise to consult the DMV guidelines beforehand to avoid disappointment. You can also browse the variety of specialty plates offered on the Nevada DMV website.

Credit: KTV

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