Democratic offensive: $140 million campaign targets Trump with testimonial ads

A major Democratic super PAC used testimonials from voters to warn of the dangers of former President Trump running for office again in the first round of ads it released Monday as part of a $140 million campaign targeting voters in crucial battleground states.

American Bridge 21st Century will use direct mail and three television commercials in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to tell the stories of Americans living in suburban and exurban areas in the states considered battlegrounds.

The first ads, which will cost $25 million, will spotlight three different people.

One of them is a Wisconsin gynecologist who will address concerns about the potential impact of a second Trump term on reproductive rights. She has a personal story about abortion.

Another will be a Pennsylvania father who will express concerns about how Trump would deprive his descendants and grandchildren of the right to abortion.

In the third, two retired nurses from Pennsylvania discuss their concerns about possible health care cuts from Trump.

“American Bridge is ready to defeat Donald Trump. We have been preparing and planning for this cycle since the 2020 election,” said group co-founder Bradley Beychok.

“Through our organizing efforts, we recruited hundreds of people living in these battleground states who were willing to share their stories about why a new Trump White House would be so devastating for them,” he continued. “We are proud to provide the platform that ensures voters in these important states hear their stories, and we know they will make a difference on Election Day.”

The goal of the group’s ads is to reach voters that campaigns might not otherwise target in non-major media markets.

American Bridge seeks to mobilize conservatives who oppose Trump, as well as centrist voters who aren’t too enthusiastic about either candidate.

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As in 2020, when Biden won all three, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are predicted to be hotly contested states in November.

Strategists say Biden’s best chance of winning re-election in November is if he defeats all three states that make up the Democratic Party’s “blue wall.”

According to an average Poll from Decision Desk headquarters, Trump leads Biden in Michigan by three points, in Pennsylvania by less than two points and in Wisconsin by one point.