Research reveals crime statistics for West Tennessee communities

JACKSON, Tenn. – To gain a complete understanding of crime rates in West Tennessee communities, we calculated the per capita crime rates of the larger population centers in each of the counties in our viewing area.

Here are our findings.

For this report, we used the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR). This is a database that collects crime statistics from law enforcement agencies across the country.

First, we looked at the statistics of perpetrators of violence versus victims in the entire state of Tennessee as of the most recent year available on the UCR, 2022.

You are most likely to be a perpetrator or victim of a violent crime if you are between the ages of 20 and 29, with men making up the vast majority of perpetrators and the slim majority of victims.

Caucasians made up the majority of victims at 22,373, with African Americans in second place at 22,145 thousand.

More than 70 percent of Tennessee’s population is white.

The majority of these crimes took place in a home and the majority of the perpetrators were unknown to the victim.

The most likely weapon to be used is a gun, and the most common offense is gun law violation, with damage to property second and simple assault third.

To take a closer look at West Tennessee and find a crime per 100 residents for some of our largest cities, we turned to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Crime In Tennessee Report.

In this report, the TBI uses the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System, or TIBRS, which collects data based on crimes reported to law enforcement.

To calculate the crime rate per 100 inhabitants, we used data from the various police services.

To determine the number of violent crimes per 100 residents, take the total number of reported violent crimes in a city, divide it by the population, and then multiply by 100. This gives you the number of crimes per 100 residents – i.e. for every 100 residents in the city. A specific number in the city have reported a violent crime.

According to statistics, Medina is the safest of the cities, where 3.1 out of 100 people report a violent crime.

Next are Huntingdon and Alamo, both at 4.2.

Following them is Henderson at 4.6, followed by Mckenzie at 5.3, Trenton at 6.9, Humboldt at 7.3, Milan at 7.8.

Lexington has a crime rate of 10.9 per 100 residents, and Jackson has a crime rate of 11.4.

Interestingly enough, Savannah had a crime rate per 100 people that was higher than Jackson’s at 12.5.

Another standout with a crime rate higher than Jackson’s is Dyersburg at 14.9, and for the curious, Memphis’ crime rate per 100 residents is 18.4.

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