Wisconsin police officer arrests speeding motorists from a lawn chair

A police department in Wisconsin recently shared a photo of a police officer conducting speed patrols from a very unexpected place, and it has the locals talking.

The Jackson Police Department, located just outside of Milwaukee, recently shared a photo of a police officer on their Facebook page, showing an officer from their department conducting speed patrols while parked in someone’s yard – only he wasn’t in their car .

The officer, seen below, sat in a lawn chair along the side of a city street in Jackson. In the post, the department said, “Nobody ever looks for the officer sitting on the side of the road, they just look for the plow.”

They further noted, “By the time motorists see the officer sitting on the side of the road, they’ve already caught you speeding.” Before highlighting in an edit of the post that officers made 14 stops and issued warnings (not tickets), they explained that their main goal with traffic enforcement is “traffic law enforcement, not revenue.”

They concluded by saying: “Whether or not a citation is issued depends on the severity of the offense and driving history.”

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Some people who commented on the photo had some questions about what they thought was a questionable practice.

A few people commented that they thought there should be some sort of law against patrolling for speeding while not in a vehicle. One person joked, “But I’m pretty sure there’s a state statute that says, ‘If an officer is monitoring speed while not using a patrol car, then it’s only fair that that officer is required to he pursues trespassers on foot.” I can’t find that statute exactly at the moment, but…”

In response, the department noted, “He was wearing his fast shoes just in case.”

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Others shouted foul that they thought it should be illegal to conduct patrols from private property. The department admitted that they needed a special reason to be on private property, noting that they were conducting the patrol from the public right of way, right along the road, and responded that while what they were doing was not illegal, “too speeding is illegal.”

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