Kama’s wife accused of murdering her husband is found guilty of assaulting her sister-in-law

PARK CITY – A Kamas woman accused of killing her husband and later writing a book about grief was found guilty Monday of assaulting her sister-in-law shortly after her husband’s death.

Kouri Richins, 33, was charged on June 9, 2022, with assault, a class B misdemeanor, for an incident that occurred three days after her husband’s death in March 2022.

Richins’ sister-in-law, Amy Richins, testified that she went to the home of her brother, Eric Richins, and discovered that Kouri Richins had hired a locksmith to break into Eric Richins’ safe. She asked her sister-in-law why she didn’t ask her father-in-law for the code, and Kouri Richins’ response was to yell and tell Amy Richins to get out of her house, Amy Richins testified.

Amy Richins said Kouri Richins punched her in the face and neck.

“I will never forget the look in her eyes when she attacked me that Sunday morning. It took four people that day to pull her off me,” Amy Richins testified at an earlier hearing in the case.

Kouri Richins pleaded no contest to the charges on February 14, 2023, as part of a motion to defer, and was given 90 days to complete a thinking errors or grief counseling course and pay, until January 14, 2024, $1,105 to the court. If these were completed, the charges would be dismissed.

Prosecutors asked the court on Jan. 26 to find that she had not followed the terms and find her guilty.

Her attorney, Skye Lazaro, assured Third District Judge Brendan McCullagh at a hearing in March that Richins had completed her grief counseling but had not received a report. She said Kouri Richins was charged with her husband’s murder and taken into custody a week before the deadline for filing that report.

Shortly after the hearing, Lazaro submitted a receipt for counseling, but it stated that counseling took place between March and June 2022, not after her request for suspension was filed.

McCullagh determined on Monday that Kouri Richins had not complied with the conditions and found her guilty.

The maximum penalty under Utah law for this Class B misdemeanor is six months in jail and a $1,940 fine.

Kouri Richins was arrested on May 8, 2023, over a year after her husband’s death, and charged with aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, and three counts of drug possession with intent to distribute, a second-degree felony .

A preliminary hearing for Kouri Richins in that case is scheduled for Wednesday. At that hearing, Judge Richard Mrazik will determine whether there is enough evidence to order her to stand trial for aggravated murder.