‘Outer Range’ Season 2 on Prime Video: Release Date and Time

Do you have a huge hole in your streaming plans? One possible solution – since you’ve seen Season 1 – is Season 2 of Prime Video’s sci-fi Western brainteaser Outer Range.

The first installment introduced Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott, a patriarch who finds a dark void on his family’s ranch in Wyoming. Besides his wife, two sons and granddaughter, the main players are the Tillersons – neighboring farmers who are looking for a share of the Abbotts’ land, Autumn – a young woman who begins camping on the property – and Joy – acting sheriff of the city. The second season will deepen the mystery surrounding the black hole after the events of the season 2 finale, according to a synopsis.

Outer Range premiered in 2022 and currently has a score of 60 on Metacritic. If you’re ready for the continuation of the Abbotts’ story, you can watch season 2 in the US here. The new entry will be binge-friendly, with all seven episodes releasing at once.

When should you watch Outer Range season 2?

Ready to saddle up for season 2? The seven-episode episode appears in full on 3am ET/midnight PT on Thursday May 16.

While Outer Range is among the titles included with a Prime Video subscription, you can currently also watch the entire first season free with ads with Amazon Freevee. To watch all of Outer Range season 2 with Prime Video later this week, you can pay $9 per month or sign up for a Prime membership, which offers other benefits and costs $15 per month or $139 per year.

James Martin/CNET

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