South Carolina Men’s Basketball Learns 2024-25 SEC Conference Report

We’re less than two months into the offseason for the South Carolina men’s basketball program, but the tone for next season is being set each week. Lamont Paris and the Gamecocks have filled every spot on their roster, except one scholarship spot, as a three-star guard for 2024 Trent Noah was released from his national letter of intent and signed with the Kentucky Wildcats shortly after. Now the program knows exactly where they will play each of their 15 SEC opponents next season and which ones they will play twice, as the SEC schedule indicates. was released Monday afternoon.

Carolina has a home-and-home tie with Florida, Georgia and Mississippi State. They will play Kentucky, LSU, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Vanderbilt on the road, while competing at home against Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas and Texas A&M next winter. It will be the first season to feature Oklahoma and Texas, as the two programs officially join the league this summer.

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