UDOT reminds us where campaign signs can be placed

SALT LAKE CITY – Campaign signs are appearing on lawns and fences, and in some places where they shouldn’t be.

A spokesperson for the lieutenant governor’s office said sign location requirements are governed by municipal and county ordinances.

One of the places where campaign signs are banned is anywhere the Utah Department of Transportation has the right of way, spokesman John Gleason said.

“You see the campaign signs (in) all kinds of different areas where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. The reason is obviously to attract attention, but it can also create a dangerous situation for the people putting up the signs and for our employees who may sometimes have to remove those signs,” Gleason said.

Campaign signs can pose safety risks

Placing campaign signs on bridges or other areas is not safe. Sometimes campaign workers who put up the signs or UDOT workers who remove them are put at risk.

Gleason said the signs could also threaten the safety of drivers.

“You also have the distraction or the fact that some signs can block the view for people as they’re trying to find their line of sight, but that can also get in the way,” Gleason said.

Unless a sign causes a safety issue, UDOT crews typically won’t remove it, Gleason said.

“You know, our maintenance crews have a lot of responsibilities. And so removing these signals is not something that we’re actively pursuing. But if they pose a safety risk if they block the line of sight or create a hazard on the road… then we step in and take the signs down,” Gleason said.

Once the signs are removed, they are taken to UDOT maintenance stations. Campaigns are then contacted. “Sometimes the campaigns contact us to see if they can pick them,” Gleason says.

“You know campaign signs can be expensive. And so we want to make sure they get back to their owners,” Gleason added.

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