Showers with a chance of thunder

Showers and thunderstorms are again planned for Tuesday

CLEVELAND, Ohio – More rain and cooler weather are part of the forecast for Tuesday.

The National Weather Service reports high temperatures as low as the mid-60s, with rain showers possible throughout the day. Thunderstorms are also possible from early afternoon, with the chance remaining throughout the night. Lows will dip into the upper 50s. There will be more clouds on Wednesday and there is a small chance of more rain. Highs will again not be reached until the mid-60s.

Daylight conditions in Cleveland

Cleveland gets 2 minutes of daylight tomorrow.

Sunrise in Cleveland – 6:08 am

Sunset in Cleveland – 8:39 PM

Extended forecast for Northeast Ohio

Wednesday evening will see a slight break in cloud cover, with lows dipping into the low 50s. Thursday will be mostly sunny with highs in the 70s.

Ohio Regional Radar

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