Taylor Swift secretly spent Travis Kelce’s birthday weekend with him

  • Despite not being spotted with Travis Kelce on his actual birthday or at his game on Sunday, Taylor Swift has been secretly spending time with the footballer.

  • Taylor quietly flew to Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday, the day after Travis’ birthday.

  • The rumored couple “spent the weekend together,” including a “chill night.”

Taylor Swift wasn’t seen with Travis Kelce on his actual birthday or at his game on Sunday, but she was did spend time with him, We weekly, Page sixAnd Daily email report.

Taylor quietly flew to Kansas City, Missouri, from her home in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday, the day after Travis’ birthday, a source confirmed. Daily email And We weekly. Apparently, she did indeed travel “to see Travis,” and he opted to have a “chill night” with Taylor, a source shared. We weekly.

Page six confirmed that Taylor “spent the weekend” with Travis for his birthday. It is unclear when she left, although she did not attend his Kansas City Chiefs game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

Travis spoke on his podcast New heights on September 27 about how he plans to be more private about their relationship after Taylor’s first appearance at his Chiefs game on September 24.

“I want to respect both of our lives,” he said. “She’s not in the media as much as I do this show every week and, you know, have fun during the NFL season and on other guys’ shows like the McAfee Show and every other show I continue from now on.

“I’m enjoying life, and I certainly enjoyed this weekend, so anything moving forward, I guess I’m talking about sports… will have to be pretty much where I keep it,” he added.

A source spoke The messenger on October 8 about how Travis feels about having Taylor at his matches. “He jokes that she is his good luck charm,” the source said. “Taylor has the time of her life at these football games cheering on Travis. She and her friends fully embrace this era and have a lot of fun doing it. Taylor has been working really hard this past year and it’s fun for her to bring all her friends along, let loose and show support.

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