Longtime challengers in charge of District 3 Congressional

With the Nebraska caucuses Tuesday, two central Nebraska Republicans are challenging Adrian Smith in the race for Congress in District 3. NTV spoke with all three candidates about how they hope to improve both your community and the country.

Nine-term Congressman Adrian Smith says being the most tenured member of Congress from Nebraska is a great opportunity.

“I’ve learned lessons about working to solve problems and we have a lot of challenges that we face,” Smith said.

But two Republicans are challenging Smith for that seat—Robert McCuiston and John Walz. Walz is a former Marine and father of ten children, while also owning a grocery business. He says he entered the race because he’s seen enough of Adrian Smith.

“I voted to raise the debt ceiling and I’m talking to a friend of mine and I said if he votes for another continuing resolution, I can just go ahead and throw my hat in the ring,” Walz said.

The other Republican challenger Robert McCuiston is also a former Marine and electrician who lives in Holdrege and says he believes in term limits.

McCuiston said: “Adrian Smith… I have nothing against him, but he doesn’t. I repeat, he does not represent the everyday man and woman in the state of Nebraska.”

With the war in Israel underway and protests happening across the country, including those in Nebraska, McCquiston believes in helping foreign countries, but that the US should treat this as a loan that must be repaid.

“Just like when you or I go to a bank, the bank doesn’t just say no, here’s some money, don’t worry about paying us back,” McCuiston said.

While Walz says the US is not designed to be a global policeman.

Walz would go on to say, “Unless it directly affects the United States and there is a declaration of war, the United States should not be involved at all.”

I asked Smith the same question and he said we should help our friends.

“I think it is appropriate to stand with Israel and help them with some assistance.”

Recently, the US banned TikTok due to safety concerns if the parent company does not sell to an American company. I asked Smith and his challengers how they could balance a trade partnership with China while not trusting the Chinese government.

“We need to become less dependent on China and pursue policies to achieve that and that won’t happen overnight, but it is important that China becomes aware that the way they operate is not what we find acceptable ” said Smith.

McCuiston was quoted as saying: ‘It almost makes me cringe sometimes when these politicians have to talk about how we can work with China. We don’t need an enemy.”

“Do we allow them to buy all kinds of real estate? Whether it’s real estate, whether it’s businesses, whatever it is in the United States? We expose ourselves,” Walz said.

The Republican Party has backed many of the challengers over the incumbents, while the NEGOP backed Walz. I asked Walz for his opinion and he says he’s very grateful, while McCuiston, who didn’t get the nod, says he’s not worried about it at all. All three candidates have said they are pro-life and say life begins at conception.