Biden’s threat to withdraw military aid to Israel seen as reward for Hamas tactics that endanger civilians

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized the Biden administration for threatening to cut off US military aid to Israel. He argued that this would reward Hamas’s tactics, which use civilians as human shields. Graham emphasized the need for Americans to support Israel against an existential threat, citing common enemies such as Iran and Hezbollah. He urged the government to work with Israel to limit civilian casualties, rather than withhold weapons needed to fight the terrorist group. Graham also expressed hope that talks between Israel and the Biden administration could break the impasse.

In response to Senator Bernie Sanders’ suggestion that Israel should no longer receive US military aid, Graham called out Sanders and the radical left for their position on the Israel conflict. He accused Sanders of appeasing the radical left by proposing to end aid to the Jewish state. Graham emphasized the importance of supporting Israel, especially during Holocaust Remembrance Month, and urged continued military assistance to Israel. He emphasized the need to work with Israel to find a way forward in the conflict and not let individuals like Sanders dictate the course of action.

During a discussion on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sanders argued against providing further military aid to Israel, citing a State Department report that suggested Israel could violate international law in its actions against Hamas. He called for a reassessment of US support for Israel in light of these concerns. However, Graham defended Israel’s actions and drew a comparison to the United States’ use of nuclear weapons in World War II to justify the Israeli military’s actions against Hamas. Graham noted the existential threat Israel faces and the need for support in combating terrorist groups.

Graham highlighted the tactics used by Hamas, such as planting weapons in civilian areas and attacking civilians, as reasons for continued military aid to Israel. He criticized Hamas for exploiting the civilian population and endangering innocent lives to achieve their goals. Graham urged a concerted approach to reducing civilian casualties in the conflict, while recognizing the importance of providing Israel with the necessary resources to defend itself. He emphasized the need for a united front in supporting Israel against its enemies, such as Iran and Hezbollah, who pose a threat to both Israel and the United States.

In conclusion, Senator Lindsey Graham’s comments on US military aid to Israel underscored the importance of supporting the Jewish state in its conflict with Hamas. Graham criticized the Biden administration’s threat to cut off aid, arguing it would only strengthen Hamas’ tactics and endanger civilians. He called for continued military assistance to Israel and emphasized the shared interests of the US and Israel in confronting common enemies. Graham’s comments during the interview on “Meet the Press” reflected a strong stance in support of Israel and a call for cooperation to address the ongoing conflict with Hamas.