I found an $8.70 jacket in a bin at Goodwill

ONE lucky high school student looking for cheap fashion items scored big with a vintage jacket.

Jack Ricketts, 18, was shopping at a Goodwill store in Portland, Oregon when he came across the garment.

18-year-old Oregon teen Jack Ricketts found a vintage Cubs jacket worth $25,000 for just $8.70 at a Goodwill
He discovered the item in a plastic bin of clothes, thinking it would make a nice addition to his closet
Upon closer inspection, certain details of the clothing revealed just how much it was actually worth as a historical piece

While rummaging through a bin of clothes, Ricketts found the jacket, turned it inside out and paid $8.70 for the cool piece, thinking it would just be a nice addition to his wardrobe.

The teenager often goes to the thrift store and likes to look for vintage and unique items at a big discount.

“It’s always a hunt, you never know what you’ll find,” he told local news station WGN9.

He described his first reaction when he found the vintage piece among a slew of basic clothing.

“When I first saw it, it was inside out on the trash can, so I thought, ‘Oh, this is cool,’” he recalls.

It wasn’t until he turned the jacket right side out that he discovered how special it could really be.

“And when I turned it inside out again, I saw the big Cubs patch and I thought, ‘It’s an old Cubs jacket,’” he said.

Little did he know that it wasn’t just a ‘cool’ jacket associated with a sports team, but that it was real work.

“It said 1953, I thought, ‘Wow, that’s pretty old,’” Ricketts said, describing the item.

More clues to the jacket’s true value quickly became apparent as Ricketts further inspected the clothing.

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“In the inside pocket it appears to be an old stencil and it’s just an E and a B, and the number 14.”

14 was Ernie Banks’ number in his 1953 rookie season with the Cubs.

He maintained that number for 19 seasons, winning a number of awards and achieving several milestones.

In his freshman year, he played just 10 games, hit 500 home runs, played on 14 All-Star teams and won two National League Most Valuable Player awards.

The jacket could probably have been worn by Ernie Banks of the 1953-1972 Cubs, known for his ability and good humor
On the inner sleeve, the initials EB Ricketts indicated the jacket’s potential value
Banks’ number on a patch sewn onto the jacket further identified him as the previous owner

But what earned the player much of his fame was not his athletic ability, but rather his personality.

Fans knew him as a consistently good sport who brought almost chronic positivity to his team, despite the program once being dubbed “The Lovable Losers” during one particular losing streak.

Ricketts himself is a fan of the old player and knows him like many fans.

“Everyone talks about what a great person Ernie was: Mr. Sunshine,” Ricketts said.

Despite originally grabbing the jacket to add to his own closet, the teen now plans to sell it at auction.

“I think the fact that it’s owned by a player, and not just any player, will increase the value quite a bit,” Ricketts explains.

A similar piece once sold for $2,500, but experts say Ricketts’ item could cost ten times that.

If it is verified to have been worn by Banks, the jacket could cost as much as $25,000.

Playing just 10 games his freshman year, Banks hit 500 home runs, played on 14 All-Star teams and won two National League Most Valuable Player awardsCredit: Getty
14 was Ernie Banks’ number in his 1953 rookie season with the Cubs and 19 subsequent seasonsCredit: Getty