Nebraska is sending a strong message during Police Week

Nebraska supports the blue! The Nebraska Crime Commission will share that message with law enforcement officials across the country with a unique campaign for National Police Week rallies in Washington, D.C.

“From the extraordinary public support of our Nebraska police agencies to the generous hiring incentives available, we are working to get the word out nationally that Nebraska is a great place to serve as a police officer,” said Bryan Tuma, director of the Nebraska Crime Commission .

“Police Week brings officers from across the country to Washington, DC, so we’re going to show why current officers should consider continuing their careers in Nebraska.”

The effort is not specifically targeted at any particular Nebraska law enforcement agency, but aims to spread the message that all Nebraska agencies have much to offer potential candidates. Incentives available to police officers in Nebraska include:

  • 100% tuition waiver for sworn officers and their dependents. This waiver applies to any state university, college or community college.
  • Cash incentives: New hires are eligible for a bonus of up to $7,500 upon Nebraska certification. Nebraska also offers retention bonuses for the first, third and fifth years of service.

In addition to these benefits, Nebraskans provide unparalleled support for law enforcement. At a time when many states have seen a decline in public support for police officers, Nebraska has continued its commitment to public safety by recruiting new officers to communities across the state.

“Those who choose to pursue a career in law enforcement are answering a call that comes from deep within,” said Governor Jim Pillen. “It’s almost undeniable. They know they are meant to do something noble and important in public service. The opportunities to make a difference – in communities large and small – are everywhere here in Nebraska.”

During Police Week, the Nebraska Crime Commission will highlight Nebraska’s support of police officers with a moving digital billboard. The billboard will focus on the area surrounding National Police Week Tent City, a festival and exhibition space that is home to thousands of officers and their families.

“While respect for law enforcement has deteriorated in major urban centers, Nebraska has continued our tradition of supporting the men and women who wear the uniform and keep our communities safe every day,” said Rep. Mike Flood. “The Nebraska Crime Commission is doing great work so that Nebraska can get the message across the country that we stand behind the blue and want more peace officers here in the Good Life.”

Earlier this year, a loose coalition of law enforcement leaders and officials launched “Nebraska Backs the Blue.”