Guster Draws Overwhelming Crowd for Free Homecoming Show on the Porch at Somerville Porchfest (Video)

Guster played a free show on a porch down the street where the band first formed when there were students Tufts University as part of Somerville, MA’s annual outdoor music festival Porch party.

The beloved quartet drew a crowd of truly epic proportions, with fans filling every space on the streets and adjacent houses as far as the eye could see, most unable to hear, let alone see, the band.

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“I’ve heard about as much Guster music as before, and that’s none of it,” said 30-year-old Andy Cawley The Boston Sphere.

The gig marked a triumphant homecoming for Guster, who first met in 1991 and lived down the road at 33 Aberdeen Road while making a name for himself in the indie rock scene.

“This is the most people who have been to Aberdeen. Ever,” says guitarist and singer Ryan Miller at the beginning of the set.

The scene was exciting but chaotic, and unfortunately the performance was cut short due to a medical emergency in the audience, but not before the band played for about 20 minutes of mostly original songs and a cover of Fleetwood Mac‘To dream’.

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“This could be our last PorchFest, f***. It’s like the Beatles. They get too close to these middle-aged beards and say, ‘Oh my God. Receding hairlines? I can’t contain myself!’” Miller said as he tried to navigate the crowd on a motorcycle to deal with the situation.

“We will come back next year, but we are not going to tell anyone that we are playing next time. You’re just going to have to find us like Whac-A-Mole,” Miller said.

Watch Guster’s full set at Porchfest in Somerville, MA below.

Guster – Someville Porchfest 2024 (full set)