Buescher confronts Reddick after another near-miss NASC…

DARLINGTON, S.C. (AP) — Chris Buescher vented his frustrations over a second close call that cost him a NASCAR victory for the second week in a row.

Buescher lost to Kyle Larson by 0.001 of a second a week ago at Kansas in the closest finish in NASCAR history. This time, when Tyler tried to pass Reddick for the lead, Buescher lost his chance at the Goodyear 400.

Reddick’s car slid into Buescher, slamming him into the wall and ruining their chances of a win at Darlington.

Buescher angrily confronted Reddick when both were out of their car. Buescher shoved him and yelled that he shouldn’t have tried that move.

“I tried to pull away,” Reddick said. ‘The last thing I wanted to do was destroy your car. I’m sorry.”

Buescher pointed to the NASCAR playoff decal on his car for those, like Reddick, who have qualified for the postseason. “That doesn’t work for me,” Buescher said. ‘We don’t have that sticker on my door at the moment. I want you to get better. We raced against each other well for so long.”

Buescher had talked about how painful his loss to Kyle Larson in Kansas last week was, replaying it and thinking of some things he could have done differently if given another chance. In Darlington, Buescher knew who to blame.

“That’s two weeks in a row that we had a chance to win races,” Buescher said. “One: I’m going to forever relive in my mind what I would have done differently (in Kansas). On the other hand, I need someone else to be more mature about it.

Reddick continued to apologize in his post-race comments.

He said his pass attempt was aggressive, and he tried to control so he wouldn’t slide into Buescher.

“It’s hard to walk away knowing that I used up someone, took away their chance to win the race that I’m racing very cleanly in,” Reddick said. “I have to work on that and try to make better decisions.”