Doctor Helps Fulfill Wisconsin Mother’s Dying Wish: ‘It’s Something I’ll Remember Forever’

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. — While many celebrate the mothers in their lives, one family remembers a wish that came true with the help of a doctor who acted quickly.

Annie Thaemert was overjoyed when she discovered she was pregnant with her first child, but her mother was battling metastatic breast cancer and the disease spread quickly.

“At first we thought, yeah, she’ll definitely be here in March, oh by Christmas maybe, but they said at this point we’re not sure if she’s going to make it for two weeks,” Thaemert recalled.

With her health declining, her mother, Leya Gaynor, fought hard to meet her daughter’s due date in March.


Annie Thaemert

Gaynor told Dr. Joe Renier, her doctor, said she didn’t know if she would be able to attend the birth of her sixth grandchild, but wanted to know the gender. Thaemert and her husband decided at the time to wait until birth to find out the gender.

Because Thaemert’s next ultrasound was still a few days away, Renier acted quickly and wheeled an ultrasound machine into Gaynor’s hospital room.

“It was very important to me, I really wanted her to meet him, but that was the best thing that could have happened,” Thaemert said.

“It really almost brought a tear to my eye to whisper that information to her, just knowing that it was the last thing she needed to feel comfortable with the passing,” Renier said.

A few days later, Gaynor died as the only person who knew what her daughter had.

Thaemert says she is forever grateful to Renier for doing her best for her mother.

“It means so much to me that he was willing to do that and it’s something I’ll remember forever,” Thaemert said.

It is a sweet story about the love between a grandmother and her grandchild.

Desmond is now three months old, happy and healthy with a very meaningful nickname “Dessy-Lou”, created by his late grandmother.

Thaemert said she will honor her mother this Mother’s Day by going camping along Lake Superior and starting a tradition with her son.