Ex-Republican Congressman Calls RFK Jr. a ‘MAGA crazy Republican’ who will take votes away from GOP, Trump

Former Rep. David Jolly (Fla.), who served as a Republican in the House of Representatives but later left the party, spoke to independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. calling him a ‘MAGA crazy Republican’ who votes from the GOP in November.

“I still think RFK Jr. could get more from the Republican and I think that’s why Donald Trump is attacking him,” Jolly, an MSNBC political commentator, told host Jonathan Capehart on Saturday. “He’s a MAGA-crazy Republican, he’s a vaccine denier. He denies science, he turns around on the issue of abortion and even his own vice presidential candidate can’t keep up with where he stands day to day on the most important issue in November.”

Kennedy, who switched from the Democratic party to an independent last fall, faced backlash last week after he told Sage Steele on her podcast that he opposes government restrictions on abortion, even if they are full-term.

Over the weekend, Kennedy attempted to backtrack on his earlier comments, writing on restrictions must be subjected. then.”

His running mate, Nicole Shanahan, revealed her views on abortion last month, saying she doesn’t like the idea of ​​someone controlling her body, but she wouldn’t be okay with ending a viable life.

Jolly later referred to Kennedy’s recently unsurfaced statement that doctors told him a parasite ate part of his brain after he experienced memory loss and brain fog in 2010. The New York Times discussed a 2012 statement by Kennedy detailing his experience with his symptoms and the dead parasite. .

“And now he says a woman is eating his brains. He is a perfect Republican today. So who knows how he takes into account specific states that really matter for a Biden victory in November,” Jolly said. “But I would tell you that this man is talking ‘Aaron Rogers Republican,’ which could ultimately capture the attention of the market audience. I suspect that Joe Biden will start working with RFK a little bit in November.”

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, a fellow vaccine skeptic, was on the shortlist as the independent candidate for vice president before tapping Shanahan.

The Hill reached out to the Kennedy campaign for comment.

Kennedy has said that he doesn’t align ideologically with the Democrats, but he doesn’t completely fit with the Republicans either. Political strategists differ on whether Kennedy will hurt President Biden or Trump — their parties’ respective presumptive nominees — in the November polls.

Some Republicans believe Kennedy will take votes away from President Biden, boosting support from disgruntled Democrats who don’t want to support an octogenarian they see as ineffective.

Meanwhile, others, such as Democratic strategist James Carville, suggested that Kennedy could take votes away from Trump. Trump’s campaign has recently ramped up its anti-Kennedy sentiment, underscoring these concerns.

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