Boeing: ex-Boeing director to finance Indian aerospace sector | Chennai News

Chennai: Pratyush Kumar, who until recently was Boeing India chief and then headed the F-15 program in the US, has left his corner office to become an angel investor for Indian aviation startups and aerospace supply chain. In addition to contributing an undisclosed amount himself, Kumar also advises venture capital firms in Europe and North America to invest in startups here. “The aerospace industry has a layered supply chain level across the board. This ecosystem has suffered quite a major shock during the pandemic, with a lot of demand lost; OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are cutting production and employees are retiring,” Kumar told TOI.

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Former Boeing CEO Pratyush Kumar is moving into angel investing, backing Indian aerospace startups and advising venture capital firms globally. He wants to address the shortage of skilled labor, shortage of quality suppliers and connect Indian startups to global markets.

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