Beloved Knicks superfan keeps faith alive even after demoralizing Game 4 loss

There was nothing positive about the New York Knicks’ Game 4 (121-89) loss to the Pacers. Well, maybe you can look at Knicks starters getting unexpected rest as a positive. It was ugly from start to finish. Most of New York’s postseason games were exciting, but Sunday’s were a bust.

The good thing is that the series isn’t over yet; the score is 2-2. The Knicks and Pacers each won two games at home. If the series goes to Game 7, it will be in New York. There’s a reason why home field advantage is so great.

As Ben Stiller said, “unfortunately” the Pacers have to return to NYC. If Stiller’s prediction comes true, the Knicks will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time in 24 years.

Listen, Stiller is a super fan. He would still believe in it even if the Knicks were down 3-1 in the series. It’s not over until it’s over.

Fortunately, New York is in a better position than you might think. Even without OG Anunoby (who could miss the rest of the series), Game 3 came down to the final minute. It took an unprecedented three-pointer from Andrew Nembhard to change the outcome. Unfortunately, the Knicks looked as tired on Sunday as you would expect from a short-handed team in their 10th playoff game.

Between now and Game 5 tip-off, New York will be in for some disappointment. It’s fair to assume the team wouldn’t have lost by 32 points on Sunday with a healthy Knicks roster. However, you can bet that Jalen Brunson and Co. don’t use that as an excuse. If that were the case, New York wouldn’t be where it is today.

The Knicks believe they will still win the series, and so will the fans, especially those in the stands for Game 5 on Tuesday. You know Stiller will be in his usual spot at court, and Legends Row will be full of former players. Even Kendrick Perkins will be there!

Don’t give up hope. It doesn’t matter how ugly the loss was. New York needs to keep its head up and move on. It’s not too late to change the narrative.